Omec 650-M Dovetailer

Omec 650-M Dovetailer

Brand: Omec

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Omec 650-M Dovetailer

The manual milling machine Omec 650-M is utilised to indent dovetails for drawers and various furniture elements. The machine is equipped with a mill spindle which allows cutting of indents of adjustable height. The machine can cut four types of indents with different pitches. The locking and release of the pieces takes place manually by means of pneumatic valves. The controls are realised with a magnetothermic switch that is directly installed on the terminal board of the motor, and lever handwheels installed at the sides of the machine.

A05 Vacuum equipment to machine short pieces
A10 Antisplingering wood
A11 Special pitch adapter Kit
A22 Eccentric HSS mill cutter
A23 Eccentric HM mill cutter
A34 Cylindrical HM mill cutter
A36 Template for French dovetails
A49 Cylindrical milling cutter for special pitches
A55 Template for rectangular male through joint

Dimensions Length Width Indent
minimum 200mm 60mm 8mm 7mm 7mm
maximum 1500mm 420mm 18mm 60mm 30mm


Eccentric HSS mill cutter assembled on the machine
Tool Kit for adjustments and maintenance
User's and instruction manual