Italpresse Matrix Press

Italpresse Matrix Press

Brand: Italpresse

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Italpresse Matrix Press



Automatic membrane press lines to laminate 3-D panels with thermoformable foils.

The 'MATRIX' project is the last development in the field of membrane pressing technologies.

The main feature of the MATRIX line is the fully automatic PIN SUPPORT SYSTEM (PSS) that completely eliminates any need for custom made panel raisers.

The setting and re-setting of the pins is automatic, by means of an optical reading of the panels position and size that activates the pin selection through a computer algorithm.

Great benefits in terms of reduced cycle times and increased productivity are achieved.

The MATRIX lines may be configured in many different ways, and may be equipped with one, two, three or four trays, with loading and unloading on the same end or in a feed-through fashion.

Also available:
- automatic pvc roll exchangers,
- automatic foil pullers and trimmers,
- automatic unloading of pressed panels