Tregarne Peg Board Clamp

Tregarne Peg Board Clamp

Brand: Tregarne

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Tregarne Peg Board Clamp

Introducing the new Peg Board Clamp from the manufacturers of Tregarne Woodwelder.

This sturdy clamp is available in either vertical (as shown) or horizontal format. Its robust design ensures even and consistent clamping for all applications. The heavy duty 80mm bore pneumatic rams can handle small kitchen door joints to the toughest of applications such as windo ans door frames. Special versions and bespoke clamps can also be designed and built to suit your requirements. With over 70 years of clamping experience behind the design team, these clamps are built to last and we are sure will go beyond your expectations.

Standard sizes:
1000mm x 2250mm capacity
1500mm x 2250mm capacity
special sizes and versions available

  • Low entry level price clamp
  • Optional plastic face for use with Tregarne woodwelder
  • Modern design
  • Heavy duty rams as standard
  • Seperate side and top pressure controls, regulators and gauges
  • 3 position control valves
  • Supplies with locking castors for mobility
  • Unique cylinder location and locking device
  • Can be used with the Woodwelder for high production levels