Maggi Boring System 323 Drilling Machine

Maggi Boring System 323 Drilling Machine

Brand: Maggi

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Maggi Boring System 323 Drilling Machine

A dedicated semi automatic panel boring machine that is ideally suited for the small to medium sized furniture manufacturer. The machine is simple to set up and use thanks to the 2 x fence stops with digital positioning


No. of horizontal heads


No. of vertical heads


No. of spindles (lft red - rt black)

23 (11 - 12)

Interaxis between spindles

32 mm

Interaxis between first and last splindle

704 mm

Max vertical boring depth 

65 mm

Max horizontal boring depth 

65 mm

Max dimensions of the working piece

3000 x 870 x 60 mm

No. of motors


Motor power

2 HP (1,5 kW)

Motor r.p.m. (50 Hz)

2800 rpm

No. of clamps


Max height of clamps from working table

65 mm

Alluminium long fence with pneumatic reference stops

120 x 40 x 3000 mm

N° of pneumatic reference stop with nonius


N° of pneumatic reference stop with digital display


Working air pressure

6-8 bar

Standard air pressure consumption

30 l/cycle

Dust suction diameter

80 mm

Overall dimensions

1790x 1000 x 1350 mm

Height of the working table

900 mm

Package dimensions

1900 x 1150 x H 1500 mm

Net/gross weight

750 / 850 kg

Quick change bushes - each
2 x extra pneumatic stops with fence and digital display
2 x pneumatic clamps on fence
2 x supports for long panels on the fence
Panel support
Oleo dynamic braking system

2 x vertical heads each with 23 spindles at 32mm ctres 
1 x horizontal head with 23 spindles at 32mm ctres
Spindles with quick change chucks (15 off included)
Number of motors 3 each 2hp.
Max dimensions of working piece 850 x 3000mm
2 x pneumatic workpiece clamps tuning from 0 to 90 degrees.
1 x aluminium fence 3000 x 120mm with 4 x pneumatic positioning stops sliding on ball / rail system, 2 x stops with digital readout.
1 x reference stop for long panels.
Cast iron boring heads.
Electronic read out display with micrometric adjustment of vertical positioning.
Patented 'spiral system' on the horizontal head for quick setting of boring depth.
Digital counter (decimal) for the adjustment of the vertical drilling depth.
Electric drive to select the working head and cycle.