Morso Model NFX Notch Cutting Machine Guillotine

Morso Model NFX Notch Cutting Machine Guillotine

Brand: Morso

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Morso Model NFX Notch Cutting Machine Guillotine

Morso Model NFX is a foot operated guillotine for cutting window bars, mullions and cabinet front frames requiring haunch joints.

Morso Model NFX leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring no further preparation before joining. The horizontal movement of the knife block is stepwise adjustable. The fences, left and right, with adjustable stops ensure correct work. The special lever system of the machine ensures a very easy operation. Twin return springs automatically brings the knives back to starting position.

To compare Morso Model NFX with a moulding machine, the following points must be considered:

  • a cleaner and more constantly accurate cut will be produced with Morso Model NFX,
  • the Morso Model NFX produces no dust and therefore requires no extraction,
  • the Morso Model NFX requires less than 15 minutes to change the cutting blades and set-up,
  • as the blades wear, the 45° angle remains unchanged, ensuring consistently accurate joints,
  • the Morso Model NFX cuts plastic, all kind of wood, including MDF.

The Morso Model NFX is delivered with:

  • safety guard,
  • waste chute,
  • 6 sliding longitudinal stops,
  • fences on both left and right hand side of the machine,
  • 1 nose knife ( size per request ),
  • 1 pair of side knives.

Technical data for
Morso Model NFX Notch Cutting Machine

Nose width ( Morso NFXS )

6 - 20 mm

Nose width ( Morso NFXL )

12 - 26 mm

Cutting width, max.

200 mm

Cutting height, max.

160 mm

Fences, left and right

1,500 mm

Extension tables, left and right

1,000 mm

Net weight

100 kg