Sintesi Tennoner

Sintesi Tennoner

Brand: Saomad

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Sintesi Tennoner

The control panel of our working centers is moveable thanks to a particular hanging structure with joints and it is possible to move it in accordance with operator positions. You could move comfortably the control panel in each work positions and change with the machine in
function, programs or different items. Colour screen 10”1/2 with programm for frames size calculus; frames working productionlists; possibility of on-line connection or trought floppy-disk.



The tenoning carriage is equipped with linear integral guides with double ricircolo balls. There are high precision balls with a high reliability, strength and preciseness and they assure lofty speeds. A careful oil lubricating system allows a constant cleaness of sliding blocks and of their
guides. Balls are equipped by an inferior delta thermic always at 2°C, also if the machine will work in exasperated conditions. The speeds of the tenoning carriage are regulated by means of two trimmers, setable according to the kind of the wood and to the stress to support. One trimmer is to regulate speed under the saw and the other one for the tenoning shaft. They offer changeable speeds from 2 to 60 mt/min with approaching
and return speed of 60 mt/min. Speeds are regulated by adjustable inclines for acceleration and deceleration. These ensure a smooth feed without vibrations and allow the best finishing in tenoning side of the wooden piece. The advancement of the tenoning carriage is made by rack for longer life and greater steadiness. The double working cycle offers the possibility to tenon both sides optimizing the productions times.
The piece stopping device is placed on the table to obtain a simple using and more safety during working phases.

·        The wooden piece is placed on the tenoning carriage and stopped by two vertical pneumatic woodholders

·        Cutting saw with vertical pneumatic set from the top to the bottom to reduce noisy and for greater safety

·        Tilted tenons: possibility to carry out tilted tenons by the +/- 60° inclination of the fence, without remove any part of the machine

·        Tenoning shaft: counter-supported shaft with diameter 50 mm and lenght 620 mm. Vertical encoder controlled set; max. tool diameter 330 mm. Standard motor 7,5 kW; possibility to place up to 11 tools unit according to different thicknesses of the wood

Automatic introduction of the piece from the tenoning side to the profiling one. Advantages of this automatic passage are numerous:

·        Reduced movement of the piece for the operator: more safety in working phase and work less tiring

·        Higher production: when the piece is inside of the profiling side, the operator can work other pieces in the tenoning part

·        Avoided mistakes in introductions of the pieces

·        Simple use of the machine and quickness in working processes


Squaring of sashes in the tenoning side. 
Squaring plus profiling of sash into the tenoning side and automatic introduction of the piece into profiling side.

·        Adjustment of advancing system wheels speeds from 2 to 17 mt/min and adjustment of pneumatic pressure of wheels. Draft with quickly lifting for tool change and cleaning of the machine

·        (Head and rear views): in the profiling side, it is possible to place horizontal units, completely computer assisted, to realize small channels

·        Possibility to install on the machine, two left profiling shafts with electronic counter-guide


Decide which kind of working center you want. From the basical models you could obtain all personalized outfit you could image.
…Saomad’s opinion is that you deserve to buy not what the market sells but what you need, like and suits your production. As experts we can offer, a lot of solutions to make up your personal working center: on every basical machine it is possible to adjust any fitting you want.

Cutting unit

Motor power

 3 kW

Rpm saw motor


Ø circular saw blade

 400 mm

Cutting height

 125 mm

Pneumatic set of the saw

 125 mm

Tenoning shaft



Shaft diameter

 50 mm

Shaft lenght                   

 620 mm

Motor power

 7,5 kW

Rpm shaft motor


Ø max of tools

 330 mm

Profiling shafts



Shaft diameter

 50 mm

Shaft lenght                    

 320 mm

Motor power                                     

 5,5 kW

Rpm shaft motor


Ø max of tools

 240 mm

Ø base tools

 110-140 mm

Glass stop recovery unit



Ø glass stop recovery saw  

 200 mm

Motor power

 2,20 kW

Rpm shaft motor


Fittings on request

Additional tenoning shafts

Cutting height 150 mm

Enlarged table for squaring

Horizontal encoder controlled sets for saw

Electronic fence for the lenght of the wood

Additional profiling shafts

Hardware grooving unit

Automatic suction hoods

Electronic counterguide\ in profiling side

Lubricating of the profiling plane

Increased motors power

CE Safety Norms

Working of 2 pieces

Motorized return unit

Mechanic return unit

+/- 60° angle cut display

Additional glass stop units

Left profiling shaft