Teno Dynamic Tennoner

Teno Dynamic Tennoner

Brand: Saomad

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Teno Dynamic Tennoner

An unlimited number of tools can be used thanks to interchangeable shafts. The system of shaft movement on high precision guides does not require any maintenance for the life of the machine. The machine is very compact and completely enclosed, reducing noise, dust and providing maximum safety for the operator.


·        With TENO Dynamic it is possible to work two pieces at a time

·        The system of axes interpolation allows production of angled tenons ( +/- 60°) without any adjustments to the workpiece support fences of the machine

·        The workpiece clamp has semi automatic rotation, allowing the operator to avoid double handling the pieces for rapid and accurate production of second tenons



1.   Clamps run on double high precision guides for better workpiece support

2.   Jolly antisplinter device with quick change system

3.   Two points for piece holding: one is near to milling cutters and another in the middle of the piece

4.   Software installed on PC with operating system Windows XP is user friendly and enables working in either sequence or order mode. The data transmission is done by Ethernet connection and USB ports

5.   Pneumatic vertical positioning of cut off saw

6.   Sliding guards for total protection from working tools


Possibility to have interchangeable shafts (optional) with overhead crane lifting system and special cone bearing trolley. HSK B100 quick coupling system enables the rapid change of 320 mm tool groups. The number of the tooling is unlimited.
The TENO Dynamic + Pantograph solution gives the possibility to do tenoning and perforation workings within one working cycle.
All axes are numerically contolled in vertical and horizontal sense. Brushless motors. Electric spindle of 7,5 kW and HSK 63F quick coupling. Axis C with 360° rotation for aggregates like cutter heads and angular countershafts. Linear and circular interpolation of all pantograph axes.
Some examples of hadware that can be inserted thanks to the working cycles or macros of pantograph already installed on the pantograph computer. Programmes generated by other software can be easily transmissed by Ethernet and USB port

Circular saw unit

Motor power

 3 kW

Rotation speed

 3000 g/min

Saw Ø

 400 mm

Cutting height

 120 mm

Pneumatic saw adjustment


Tenoning shaft


Motor power

 9 kW

Rotation speed                                                          

 3200 g/min

Shaft Ø

 50 mm

Shaft lenght

 320 mm

Stroke lenght

 290 mm                      

Electronic vertical adjustment, brushless motor


Automatic inclination with interpolation

 +/- 60°

Mini-Max piece lenght

 250-2800 mm

Mini-Max piece width

 40-200 mm


 1500  kg