Saomad 4 Spindles Tenoning Machine UT4 Tennoner

Saomad 4 Spindles Tenoning Machine UT4 Tennoner

Brand: Saomad

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Saomad 4 Spindles Tenoning Machine UT4 Tennoner

The new version of the SAOMAD model UT4 tenoning machine has been further improvide in structure and function.This machine will easily allow more tenoning and end-trimming with a quicker set-up process. There is a circular saw for end-trimming and thanks to horizontal cutting heads, tenons of various sizes can be produced, without having to use programmed cutting units, and finally, routers for templated counter-profiles.


1.   Handwheel for heads adjustament

2.   Saw horizontal adjustment

3.   Table inclination adjustament

4.   Aluminium fence with extension and one reference stop

5.   Working table vertical adjustament

Cutterheads lenght

 100 mm

Max. distance between two heads

 0/68 mm

Top head cross displacement

 30 mm

Working table width

 420 mm

Table and square inclination

 +/- 45°

Ø circular saw

 250 mm

Ø counter profile disk max

 320 mm

Ø spindle

 35 (40-50) mm

Lenght spindle

 190 mm



POS. 1


Cutter heads and circular saw motor

 2,2 kW

Spindle motor 

 3600 rpm

Toupie motor

 3 kW

Sliding cross-rail lenght

 1690 mm



POS. 2


Ø cutterheads suction hod

 140 mm

Ø toupie suction hod

 140 mm

Ø circular saw suction hod

 120 mm