Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

Brand: Altendorf

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Altendorf F45 Panel Saw

The new F 45 is a masterpiece of technology and design. The comprehensively redesigned machine frame combines absolutely unprecedented torsion resistance with extremely low levels of vibration, while the smooth front and clear foot space on the floor enable you to operate closer to the machine and the workpiece. The famously smooth-running sliding table, which has received a number of design tweaks, remains the undisputed benchmark for precision cutting and minimal maintenance. Complementing these winning features is the eye-level control unit, with which you determine the height and tilt of the saw blade plus, depending on your choice of control package, speed and other functions. The crisp new industrial design underlines the distinctive quality of the Altendorf brand, melding characterful design and timeless aesthetics.

Basic Specification

Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment

Motorised rise/fall and tilt adjustment (0 - 46°) for main saw blade with automatic cutting height correction when saw blade tilted

Eye-level control unit

Eye-level control unit, swivel-mounted

Crosscut fence

Crosscut fence with fixed 90° angle, manual adjustment using graduated scale up to 3,200 mm

Saw blade projection

Maximum saw blade projection 150 mm, maximum saw blade diameter 450 mm

Motor rating

Motor rating 4 kW (5.5 HP), single speed (4,000 rpm)

Tool clamping system

AKE tool clamping system for the main saw blade


Control up to four axes and more.

The swivel-mounted control unit offers unprecedented ease of use, clarity, safety and convenience. Even this entry-level option provides control of all four axes. All values and functions are displayed clearly on the screen, which has a 90 mm diagonal. Use the green keys to access the saw blade height and tilt functions (up to 46° in either direction) plus, depending on package configuration, the CNC rip fence, crosscut fence, scorer and VARIO (infinitely variable speed control between 2,000 and 6,000 rpm) options, the white data entry keys to enter the corresponding values. Obviously the control unit can only control the hardware you have installed, so choose precisely the configuration options you need for your Altendorf.



Efficiency-boosting features already onboard.

The new F 45 EvoDrive has a 7" touch screen with separate keyboard for entering numerical dimension specifications. It can control up to four axes, including saw blade tilt to either side. What distinguishes it from the F 45 ProDrive is its pre-installed application technology: the F 45 EvoDrive defines inside and outside dimensions automatically from the material thickness data supplied, for example. It also brings you the pleasure of additional groove, incremental dimension and bevel rip features, which should simplify your work considerably – as, indeed, should the compound mitre function and the tool management system. The F 45 EvoDrive lets you store 999 programmes for rapid retrieval via the keyboard too. The green navigation keys enable you to find your way easily through the functions, go to the main menu or jump back a page. Another particularly useful feature is that the brightness of the display adjusts to suit different ambient lighting conditions to make sure you always have a good view of everything you need to be able to see. Try the F 45 EvoDrive and discover how we have already done much of the hard work for you!


Control technology without equal.

The F 45 ElmoDrive incorporates the most advanced and comprehensive control technology in existence for sliding table saws. Positioned at eye level, it combines optimal ease of use and presentation with practical and ergonomic operation. The calculator, geometric shapes, compound mitre and tool management functions are easily accessed and clearly presented on the 12" touch screen. The F 45 ElmoDrive gives you motorised control of all axes, of course, and the ability to tilt the saw unit by up to 46° to either side.* The lower part of the display can be used to store functions you return to regularly (in the manner of a PC desktop) for even more efficient operation. The F 45 ElmoDrive is the only control unit that can be linked with a cut optimisation package. All in all, nothing comes close to the F 45 ElmoDrive for control technology. Day after day after day.

DIGIT X. Digital cutting width display for the rip fence with manual fine adjustment. This electronic measuring system ensures rapid and precise adjustment of the rip fence. Recurring dimensions can be reproduced exactly and checked on the DIGIT X display. The correction for the rip fence position is shown digitally on the machine control unit's LCD display when working with the saw blade tilted. The system is not subject to wear and is unaffected by dust. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is switched between the upright and the flat position.

CNC rip fence. The CNC rip fence has a traverse speed of 250 mm/sec. and an accuracy of ±1/10 mm. The high-precision five-point recirculating ball spindle system needs little maintenance and, along with the motor, is well protected by its integration into the aluminium profile. The fence detects its position automatically, especially in the danger area around the saw blade, and has an emergency cut-out to prevent the risk of crushing. Dimensions are corrected automatically when the fence is switched between the upright and the flat position or when working with the saw blade tilted.


Two-axis scorer unit. With electronic vertical and lateral adjustment, programmable scorer blade height, rapid deploy and retract and 0.75 kW (1 HP) motor (8,200 rpm). For retrofitting only to scorer-unit-ready machines.


Three-axis scorer unit (RAPIDO Plus). With motorised vertical, lateral and cutting width adjustment, including saw blade, programmable scorer blade height, rapid deploy and retract, saw blade width display and 0.75 kW (1 HP) motor (8,200 rpm). For retrofitting only to scorer-unit-ready machines.

RAPIDO scoring system. The scorer ensures chip-free undersides when working with laminated panels. The RAPIDO system makes adjusting the cutting width straightforward and enables this step to be completed in no more than three minutes. This can save you up to 30 minutes as compared with conventional scorer systems because it does away with the tedious process of mounting two-part scorer blades with spacer disks entirely. Adjustment is continuous and precise, so the RAPIDO can be fine-tuned to match the cutting width of any main blade. Range: 2.8 - 3.8 mm.

DUPLEX double-sided mitre fence. DUPLEX fences make it possible to realise bevel cuts at any angle between 0 and 90° with speed and precision. Set the DUPLEX to 45° and a mitre cut can be made on both sides of the workpiece without resetting the two fences. Dimensions are set using a magnifier, a measuring scale and a length compensation scale. All DUPLEX fences can be positioned anywhere along the entire length of the sliding table.

Manual quick-action clamp. The alternative to the pneumatic clamp. The manual quick-action clamp can be positioned on the sliding table easily and is equally easy to fix in place, ensuring the workpiece is reliably retained on the table and against the crosscut fence. It has a clamping height of up to 200 mm and provides extra safety at very little extra cost.

Toolbox. The practical toolbox is a closable container capable of holding up to six tool carriers (maximum saw blade diameter 550 mm) ready for use. Four tool carriers are included in the standard scope of supply. This option requires a minimum sliding table length of 3,000 mm.

STEG. The STEG second support makes sizing large panels easier.