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In a reduced space, NC machining centre model EKO 902 by Bre.Ma combines flexibility to high performances allowing the managing in real time of different panel types. In order to reach a high working productivity, the panel displacement occurs by means of a couple of mobile chucks on controlled axes, while the panel managing in vertical position, which is a distinguishing mark of this machine Bre.Ma, allows working also on delicate surfaces. The Bre.Ma EKO 902 has a modular concept and it is able to execute all boring, routing and glue & dowel inserting operations. It is also possible to insert further hardware insertings. It is ideal for companies needing a simple and high-tech product for special or batch-one orders.


Available Equipment

Standard self-selecting drilling unit 7 in Y+ 6 in X + 3H/T + 1 UPP +
1LOW with blade diameter 120 mm. A 4,5KW, 18.000 rpm electrospindle and a configurable hinge boring unit are foreseen as optional.
Glue & dowel inserting unit placed on the rear side of the column mounted on controlled axis Y.
Self-selecting drilling unit 7 in Y + 6 in X + 3H/T + 1UPP + 1LOW (tool clamping d. 10 mm with screw) with blade d. 120 mm.
Double chuck for panel displacement with automatic thickness detecting system.
Laser reading system for the managing of the processing double reference (head and tail) in comparison to the two panel edges.
Configurable with hardware inserting units.
4,5 KW electrospindle with speed up to 18.000 rpm, tool clamping ER32
4,5 KW electrospindle with speed up to 24.000 rpm, quick change spindle tool ISO30
Tool change unit
Customized hinge boring unit (with interaxis at customer’s choice)
Glue & dowel inserting unit
Hardware inserting unit (bushes, hinges, hinge plates, etc.)
Handling systems to manage completely automatic processing cells.
Electric cabinet cooling by external conditioning system


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