Adjustable Groovers

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Adjustable Groovers


€215.00 – €425.00
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Adjustable Groover bore size:Bore Size: Price Quantity
30/59mm 31.75mm Bore 425.00
30/59mm 30mm Bore (Standard) 425.00
15/29mm 31.75mm Bore 340.00
15/29mm 30mm Bore (Standard) 340.00
12/23mm 31.75mm Bore 320.00
12/23mm 30mm Bore (Standard) 320.00
8/15mm 31.75mm Bore 290.00
8/15mm 30mm Bore (Standard) 290.00
5/9.5mm 31.75mm Bore 215.00
5/9.5mm 30mm Bore (Standard) 215.00
4/7.5mm 30mm Bore (Standard) 227.00
4/7.5mm 31.75mm Bore 227.00


Adjustable Groovers

FLU- code 01.160.815.030Z4

The grooving width of these adjustable tools ranges from 4/7.5 up to 30/60mm.

Suitable for grooving all timbers and board material. Typical diameters 120/180mm

With spur cutters mounted top and bottom smooth clean grooves are guaranteed every time.

Technical Spec

2- piece tool bodies in steel, equipped with TC reversible knives and spurs, 30 or 31.75mm bore.


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