Biesse Akron 1400 Edgebander

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Biesse Akron 1400 Edgebander


Biesse Akron 1400 Edgebander

The Biesse Akron1400 is a range of single-sided edgebanding machines for the application of edging in either rolls or strips. Compact working units designed to simplify the preparation operations are available with various configurations to suit specific production requirements.

Perfect finish, thanks to the 2-motor Pre-milling unit with automatic intervention. The autoset device for Pre-milling unit ensures the automatic centering of the tool in relation to the panel, thereby improving quality whilst reducing setup times.

 Perfect finishes throughout the entire process

The Multi-purpose corner rounding station with dual motors, forms a radius on both the front/rear and top/ bottom edges.

 Perfect finishes throughout the entire process

The Fine Trimmer for trimming top and bottom edges, complete with 2 x High-Frequency motors.

The Edge Scraper eliminates any imperfections resulting form the trimming cutters

The Glue Scraper removes excess glue from the top and bottom of the panel.

Top quality character

The automatic axis of the working units have a reading system that allows the machine to know – at any time – if the setting is correct. They are fitted with motors with a positioning tolerance of 0.01 mm, for optimum machining accuracy. Their limited dimensions considerably extend their range of application. Changeover time reduced by 75%.

Unprecedented product quality and reduced machining times, thanks to technological solutions created for the specific day-to-day work. The perfect combination of Biesse technology and Italian genius.

Ground-breaking technology, for top performance.

A specific Research & Development team creates pioneering solutions to meet the market requirements and offer cutting edge technology that’s reliable and guarantees first class results.

Application of edgebanding of any size.


Gluing unit for the automatic application of edging in rolls or strips, from 0.4 to 12mm.

The machine is available with PVA and PUR glueing systems

The machine is also available with Biesse’s Airforce Sytem for glueless edging

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