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BIESSE Rover A Edge 16

Manufacturing shaped and edgebanded panels with a single machine.

Rover A Edge is an edgebanding machining centre that supports the machining of shaped panels, which can be edgebanded on a single, compact, high-performance machine.  It is ideally suited to small and large joineries that need to manufacture either odd size products or standard size products in small batches.Robust edgebanding - Edgebanding has always been based on applying glue directly to the panel; Biesse has followed this principle and applied it to straight edgebanding as well as shaped edgebanding performed by machining centres. Maximum bonding, the possibility of applying thin edges and 3D transparent edges, easy maintenance, and panel cleaning during the machining cycle. A perfect combination of Biesse technology and Italian genius.

Worktable - The Biesse work table is guaranteed to hold the workpiece securely in place and ensures quick and easy tool changeover.

The assisted set-up system indicates to the operator where to position the panel, pods, and rails to avoid potential collisions with the tool. And EPS (Electronic Positioning System) supports the automatic reconfiguration of the entire work area in less than 30 seconds.

Glue application - Similar to line edgebanding machines, the glue is applied directly onto the panel in order to ensure optimal adhesion quality.  Glue feed occurs during the machining process via the granule feeding system within an integrated glue head. With the glue being stored in granules, only the required quantity is released for melting.  Facility to apply thick edges even on small radius curves, thanks to the edge heating lamp. Glue melting in Teflon-coated pots equipped with resistors and level gauge. This supports quick and easy maintenance operations and the comprehensive monitoring of glue levels for automatic reloading.


  • Double Y-axis to perform tool change while the machine is working.
  • Maximum resistance
  • The glue is spread directly on the panel in the same way as linear machining, ensuring the same bonding quality.
  • The magazine for 2 coils, placed outside the mesh guards, for a quick change of banding material without any machine, stops.
  • Double independent Z-axis to be equipped with different kinds of boring units for 9, 17 or 26 tools or Multifunctional Units.
  • Tool changers with 14,16 or 21 positions.
  • Availability of EPS automatic working table, Multizone, or panel locking system with Uniclamp modules.


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