Biesse Rover AFT Cell CNC

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The Biesse Rover A G FT is a completely automated production cell for nested based manufacturing, including automatic labeling or labeling on-demand. Designed for high output and reduced labor, the Biesse Rover A G FT is a flexible solution that increases efficiency and production.

The cell is composed of a loading table, Rover A G FT CNC Router and offloading conveyor. The 3 sections are automatically connected, synchronized and can work simultaneously, all from the same machine program.

Perfect for LEAN manufacturing, the Rover A G FT nesting cell can run continuously and only requires one operator to load a unit of panels on the loading table and remove the nested parts from the offload table. With this set-up, the operator’s time is not completely absorbed with the working cell and allows him to operate a second machine like a drill and dowel machine or edgebander.

The Rover A G FT is Biesse’s new solution for Nesting applications. The?latest technical solutions, the extremely flexible work table and the ?innovative developments of the loading and unloading systems make the?Rover A G FT a very reliable and competitive machine.  Rich in function and performance, the Rover A G FT automated nesting cell provides high quality machining, efficiency and long lasting precision by means of proven construction solutions.


·         High vacuum capacity work table.

·         The vacuum modules can be freely positioned on the traditional work table, without additional connections.

·         Multizone with 9 areas.

·         Reference stops and linear containment stops.

·         17 tools boring head. The version spindles with quick coupling system?is also available for fast and easy replacement of bits.

·         Rotation speeds of up to 6000 rpm managed by inverter.

·         Revolving tool changer with 16 places. Installed on the X carriage,?it allows to have tools and aggregates always available therefore? reducing the tool change time.

·         Nested – based manufacturing capabilities:

·         Nesting of furniture elements

·         Nesting of cabinet doors

·         Nesting of upholstery frames