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Biesse Rover C CNC


The Biesse Rover C is Biesse's flagship CNC Work Centre, it's an extremly flexible machine suitable for joinery and panel productions thansk to its many available configurations. Configurable and high-performance, it ensures a quality finish and is reliable under all working conditions.

User-friendly technology

Unique technological solutions for optimal performance

Designed to meet the needs of flexible production without sacrificing productivity.

Independent Y axes

to perform tool changes on board the X carriage, using the maximum number of tools available on the machine without affecting cycle timings.

Reduced cycle times

due to the ability to carry out tool changes while the machine is still running, both on the chain magazine and on the revolvers.

Work table.

The Biesse work table is guaranteed to hold the work piece securely in place and ensures quick and easy tool changeover.

The assisted set-up system indicates to the operator where to position the panel, pods and rails to avoid potential collisions with the tool. And EPS (Electronic Positioning System) supports the automatic reconfiguration of the entire work area in less than 30 seconds.




no need for operator intervention for tool changes, thanks to the LARGE NUMBER OF TOOLS AND AGGREGATES available at machine side.

The PICK UP station supports automatic tool-holder rack tooling.

ACM OBS 150 Sanding Centre

ACM OBS 150 Sanding Centre

Universal sanding center with vertical oscillating sanding belt

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Biesse ROBOT ROS Robotically Operated System

Biesse ROBOT ROS Robotically Operated System

High customisation of loading and unloading cells. Seamlessly integrated with CNC, sizing, boring, edgebanding and sanding machines. A multitude of Biesse solutions using ROS.  Seamless integration across the whole Biesse Range.
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Italpresse KUBE, SP/1-A Clamp

Italpresse KUBE, SP/1-A Clamp

Italpresse's range of clamps for furniture can be adapted easily to special processing thanks to the wide range of optional equipment.
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