Biesse Rover C Edge CNC

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The top performer in its class, the Biesse Rover C Edge is designed for routing, drilling and edgebanding of contoured panels with a single machine. A double “Y” axis makes it possible to carry out edgebanding operations while the electro-spindle is tooling up. In the dual electro-spindle configuration, both spindles can change tools simultaneously. Additional dedicated units for specific machining operations can virtually eliminate tool change time. Large-capacity tool changers (100+ tools in the richest configuration) ensure that necessary tools are readily available.

The Rover C Edge can handle any type of profile. A sizeable, easy-to-maintain glue reservoir is fed by a glue pellet tank, which keeps the glue fresh and ready. Glue is applied directly to the panel using a precision roller, which ensures better glue distribution and stronger tape adhesion. Even in thin tape edgebanding, there is no tape distortion. And thanks to a banding material length counting system using double precision encoders, no additional thickness tracer or photocell systems are needed to accomplish perfect butt-joint edgebanding.

The Rover C Edge uses EPS (Electronic Positioning System), the first, most proven system for CNC positioning of worktables and pods without operator intervention. The machine also comes standard with BiesseWorks Advanced software, making programming simple and intuitive.


Available in 3, 4 & 5 Axis