Biesse Rover K CNC

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The Biesse Rover K is an NC processing centre designed for craftsmen who need to automate their production process as well as small-medium enterprises that specialise in custom-made products.

Long term quality and reliability

The Gantry structure has been designed to improve the precision and reliability of machining operations.

Rigidity and absence of vibration ensures constant and reliable quality of machined components.

The double X-axis motorisation available in the 1532 model supports high speeds and accelerations whilst ensuring high quality finish and precision.


Maximum operator safety

Safety and flexibility thanks to the new bumpers combined with photocells with no footprint and dynamic tandem loading.

Pressure-sensitive floor mats enable the machine to operate at constant maximum speed.

22 overlaid layers of side curtain guards to protect the working unit, which are movable to enable the machine to work at maximum speed in total safety.

LED bar with 5 colours showing machine status in real time.