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Rover M5 is the machining centre designed for the creation of unusual, unique products, larger objects and design pieces. With technology which is totally unique in its field, designed for the most demanding machining operations, at an affordable cost.


The Rover M5 work table allows for pieces measuring up to 535 mm in height to be loaded. Can be customised according to requirements, and equipped with any type of tool, to lock even parts with more complex shapes firmly in place. The Rover M5 is extremely compact and offers high levels of performance, with a working field of 3200x1600x535 mm in a space of 6440x2825x2640 (everything included).


The machine encasing allows the operator to follow the machining operation
in complete safety, ensuring a full view of the machine.


It can be customised according to machining requirements, allowing high-volume pieces, moulds etc. to be securely locked in place. The machine can be equipped with any type of tool, for processing even the most unique and unusual pieces.