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BIESSE Selco Plast WN 7

Sustaining Performance: With the Biesse Selco Plast WN 7 which is positioned at the top of the range of beam saws with one cutting line: high performance in reduced times, to meet the needs of medium and large furniture-making companies.

Machining Precision: The protrusion of the main blade and the opening of the presser are automatically adjusted by the numerical control on the basis of the thickness of the book to be cut, thereby obtaining the best cutting quality in all working conditions.

Precision Cutting: The robust pushing carriage driven by a brushless motor on hardened racks and cemented gear wheels, together with the magnetic band positioning control and component locking via independent grippers, guarantee the utmost cutting precision and quality for panels of various formats and sizes.

Quick Change of Tooling: The “Quick change” system is the fastest, safest and most ergonomic device for replacing the blades without using tools. Fast, accurate setting of the scoring and main blades, using Digiset system. The system also stores the information for each set of blades, ensuring repeatable and accurate alignment every time.

Easy to use, with optimised machining operations: The OSI (Open Selco Interface) numerical control guarantees the management of the cutting patterns and optimises all movements to control the axis e.g. Pusher, Saw Carriage, Pressure Beam, Blade Height.

Software: Optiplanning Software to optimise cutting patterns and maximise efficiency for both material costs and cutting times.

QuickOpti: Simple, intuitive software for optimising the cutting patterns directly on the machine.

Labelling: A special software creates individual labels and prints them in real time, on the machine.  The information available can also be printed in the bar code form.

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