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Stream B is an automatic single sided edgebander that meets the needs of large companies looking for high productivity. It can cover three work shifts, 7 days a week, and has an endless number of possibilities for product customization based on production requirements.

The structure of the machine is extremely robust and rigid, sized with cutting edge calculation and design tools.

The Belt Presser, which is standard in the Stream B, allows the panel to run on the belt guaranteeing uniform pressure which is ideal even for more delicate coverings.

  • Eco-friendly edge-banding by optimizing suction and electricity consumption
  • Perfect gluing surface
  • Optimal edge adhesion
  • Automatic feeder allows panels to be correctly inserted into the machine
  • Multiple solutions for optimum management of glue
  • Cutting quality and precision thanks to the edge trimmer that supports the trimming of the panel edge at both ends

Biesse can provide bespoke solutions which are tailored to meet your specific productivity, automation and space requirements.

Biesse also offer specific solutions for the sue of polyurethane glues resistant to heat, humidity and water.

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