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Biesse WN 6 Beamsaw

Biesse wn 6 Beamsaw

The result of technological research

for top class performance.

SELCO WN 6 is the result of a project developed with the latest technologies, adopting revolutionary technical solutions that increase yield and overall machining quality.

SELCO WN 6 is a professional range of beamsaws with one cutting line, designed to produce medium-sized batches.

Cutting quality.

Perfect stability, thanks to the solid steel structure of theBASE sustained by robust supports. The slide guides of the blade-holder carriage are located on the same beam to ensure they are straight and perfectly parallel.

Top product quality, thanks to the air cushioned working surface, which protects delicate materials. In addition, this characteristic ensures the surface next to the blade is kept constantly clean.

Vertical movement of the main blade is managed and optimized via quick blade height adjustment..

The ANTI-SLIDE DEVICEcontrols the position and the number of rotations of the blade, intervening to adjust the advance speed. Maximum cutting quality, a longer blade lifespan, and reduced maintenance costs.

Cutting accuracy.

Fast, accurate positioning of the panels for optimum cutting precision, thanks to the robust pusher carriage activated by a brushless motor.

The slide surface below the pushing device is fitted with independent rollers to avoid making any marks on panels with a delicate surface.

Reduced panel loading times.

The lift table consists of a strong frame is equipped with a special structure to load the

pack of panels directly by forklift.

Reduced panel loading times.


Infeed conveyors with free-running or powered rollers allow the loading and side or rear unloading of the panels.

Panel clamping devices avoid the misalignment of the stack during the rotation phase.

Panel clamping devices avoid the misalignment of the stack during the rotation phase.

Front aligners to align the boards in the width directly on the turn station unit

Productivity increase of up to 40%.

Two independent cutting stations on a single beamsaw.

An auxiliary pushing device consisting of a collet with side positioning by means of the numerical control. An additional stop allows independent cutting of strips of up to 600 mm wide.

Differentiated cross cut, also for narrow strips.

Rip and cross-cuts are performed at the same time.

Cross-cut of the last strip, with advanced loading and rotation of the next book of panels.

Technological solutions for every machining need.

The layouts can be stored on the numerical control.

PFS FUNCTION for making cuts on soft and post-formed panels. A special NC program that ensures the perfect finish of both the entrance point and the exit profile, preventing any splintering of fragile, delicate materials (patented).

SYSTEM FOR THE AUTOMATIC EXECUTION OF GROOVES, whose width can be programmed via the numerical control. The groove depth can be adjusted manually from the outside of the machine and with the blades moving, or via an electronic device.

Thin panels can be loaded from the lifting table, using independent floating pushing points that are electronically controlled. A specific logic together with the front pop-up stops prevent the risk of mis-feeding (by means of attrition) those panels that don’t belong to the book being fed.

Ease of use and practicality.

The OSI (Open Selco Interface) numerical controlguarantees the management of the execution of cutting patterns, and optimizes all movements relative to controlled axis (i.e. Pusher and Saw Carriage, pressure beam, blade height).

It ensures the blade protrudes from the book to the correct degree during sectioning, and calculates the most suitable cutting speed on the basis of the book height and trim cut width. It helps ensure the best cutting quality at all times.

Easy cutting pattern programming.

Graphic simulation in real time, with messages and information for the operator.

Interactive program for the quick, easy execution of cuts and grooves, even on recycled panels.

An effective diagnosis and troubleshooting program provides complete information (photos and text) to ensure that any problems are quickly resolved

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