Biesse WN 7 Beamsaw

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Biesse WN 7 Beamsaw


Biesse wn 7 Beamsaw

High productivity technology.

SELCO WN 7 is positioned at the top of the range of beam saws with one cutting line: high performance in reduced times, to meet the needs of medium and large furniture making companies.

Two panel saws in one.

The Twin Pusher, an exclusive patent for all Biesse panel saws, consists of two complementary pushing devices. An additional stop allows independent cutting of strips of up to 1200 mm wide.

Increasing productivity by up to 60%, optimum management of production peaks and a ROI within the first year

Optimised loading for large volumes.

On request special solutions are available for the movement of packs and to permit the loading and unloading of panels.

The rotating station (patented) rotates the book of panels, maintaining the alignment with the point of reference both before and after the rotation.

The lift table consists of a strong frame and is equipped with a special structure to load the pack of panels directly by forklift.

Infeed conveyors with free-running or powered rollers allow the loading and side or rear unloading of the panels.

Tooling in just a few seconds.

The “Quick change” system is the fastest, safest and most ergonomic device for replacing the blades without using tools.

Fast, accurate setting of the scoring and main blades, using Digiset system.

Automatic alignment. The patented system automatically aligns the scoring blade in seconds, which completely eliminates test cuts, reduces set-up time which increases efficiency and reduces production costs.

Thanks to the automated main blade change system, and the relative software, the blade can be replaced completely automatically in just a few seconds, ensuring precise adjustment and reducing cycle times.

Technological solutions for every machining need.

SOFTWARE FOR MAKING WINDOW CUTS ON PANELS. The layouts can be stored on the numerical control.

PFS FUNCTION for making cuts on soft and post-formed panels. A special NC program that ensures the perfect finish of both the entrance point and the exit profile, preventing any splintering of fragile, delicate materials (patented).

SYSTEM FOR THE AUTOMATIC EXECUTION OF GROOVES, whose width can be programmed via the numerical control. The groove depth can be adjusted manually from the outside of the machine and with the blades moving, or via an electronic device.

Thin panels can be loaded from the lifting table, using independent floating pushing points that are electronically controlled. A specific logic together with the front pop-up stops prevent the risk of mis-feeding (by means of attrition) those panels that don’t belong to the book being fed.

Ease of use and practicality.

The OSI (Open Selco Interface) numerical control guarantees the management of the execution of cutting patterns, and optimizes all movements relative to controlled axis (i.e. Pusher and Saw Carriage, pressure beam, blade height).

It ensures the blade protrudes from the book to the correct degree during sectioning, and calculates the most suitable cutting speed on the basis of the book height and trim cut width. It helps ensure the best cutting quality at all times.