Castle TSM-22 Pocket Cutter Machine

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Castle TSM-22 Pocket Cutter Machine

The best selling Castle TSM-22 Pocket Cutter Machine clamps the stock, routs a pocket and drills a pilot hole with a tap of the foot pedal. The TSM-22 is durable and designed for use by professional woodworkers. When you are in need of premier woodworking tools the TSM-22 has it all.

Technical Specifications:

Router: Bosch 2.0hp #1617

Drill: Bosch Colt 1.0hp #PR20EVS

Router bit: Premium 3/8” Solid Carbide, Rough Mill

Drill bit: 9/64” Brad and Spur Premium TiN-Coated Bit

Power req: 110 VAC, 15 amps

Air req: 85 psi

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