Drill Bits - Through Hole Boring

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Drill Bits – Through Hole Boring

€19.00 – €25.50
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DiameterOverall Cutting LengthLeft/Right Handed Price Quantity
12mm 70mm Right Handed 23.00
12mm 70mm Left Handed 23.00
10mm 70mm Right Handed 19.00
10mm 70mm Left Handed 19.00
8mm 70mm Right Handed 19.00
8mm 70mm Left Handed 19.00
7mm 70mm Right Handed 19.00
7mm 70mm Left Handed 19.00
6mm 70mm Right Handed 19.00
6mm 70mm Left Handed 19.00
5mm 70mm Right Handed 19.00
5mm 70mm Left Handed 19.00
4mm 70mm Right Handed 19.00
4mm 70mm Left Handed 19.00
3mm 70mm Right Handed 25.50
3mm 70mm Left Handed 25.50


Drill Bits – Through Hole Boring

A range of TCT drill bits for through hole boring.

Bits have a v point to eliminate breakage on the panel underside


Technical Spec;

Shank sizes are 10mm with flat. Can be supplied at 57mm and 70mm lengths.


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