Elcon DS-Range Wall Saw

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Elcon DS-Range Wall Saw


Elcon DS-Range Wall Saw

The DS models are provided with all basic functions for professional use, making it also suitable for plastics and aluminium. A choice of accessories is optional like scoring or a v-grooving attachment.

Clip board for job cards

Compact structure Modular build construction, based on optimal use of materials strengths.

Handy holder of operator information or documents at the side of the control box.

Cutting depth 55 mm Maximum thickness of the material: 55 mm, or 60 mm in sofar the cut is started outside the material

Double cut scoring

Easy to use control panel

Depending on the different options ordered the control panel will be delivered only with the relevant buttons.

Entry and exit rollers for panel handling

Failure diagnosis

For many different materials

Heavy, self-rigid carrying guidance modules

No special floor needed

Precision within DIN 875/1 (0.1 mm.)

Programming rail for repetitive dimensions

Repeat-stop for strip cutting

Robust, fine-adjustable measuring stop


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