Griggio GC95 Speed Sander

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Griggio GC95 Speed Sander


Griggio GC95 Speed Sander

The machines are complete with:

· Abrasive belts 970×2150 mm

· Motorized lifting of the table on 4 screws

· Rubber covered sprung pressure rollers

· Emergency limiting bar

· Automatic table positioner

· 6-position mechanic positioner for grain replacement

· 2 infeed table rollers

· 2 outfeed table rollers

· Height electronic read-out

· Variable feeding speed of the mat 4-20 m/1′

· Belt-safety emergency

· Automatic belt oscillation

· Ferodo belt braking system

· Automatic star-delta start

· Ammeter

‘CE’ standards



An excellent system for automatically storing different degrees of removal, both during calibrating and sanding. This makes roller adjustment considerably easier, sppeding up machining operations and making them even more precise.


Table lifting system

Innovative conveyor table lifting system by means of four pistons and integrated with a further table retention system on the four specially worked and ground sides of the bed. This system provides a standard of strength and precision that is unique in the calibration-sanding machine industry.

speed variator

Variable feeding speed of the mat

4/20 m/1’


Automatic table positioner


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