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HOFFMAN UFM 210 Vision Universal Spindle Moulder

The revolution of milling – unthinkable things become reality – Due to the swivel range from – 45,5° to + 95,5° completely new application areas become possible – there are no more limits to your imagination.

Additionally the fence is fixed, but the complete engine unit incl. direct drive moves in axis “depth”. This fact causes, that just the choosen axis moves and none of the others has to be corrected at all! Our very user-friendly touchscreen control makes this shaper unbeatable in efficiency and rapidness.

Basic features

  • Table size 1,265 x 820 mm, strongly ribbed cast iron table, finely planed with an extendable plate. Machine height 900 mm.    Table slider with automatic depth adjustment; table slider adjustment is possible on any tool
  • Replaceable table insert, made of aluminum with Hard-Coat coating for tools  to Ø 160 mm and from Ø 160 to Ø 250 mm
  • Cone for the milling spindle MK 5, milling arbor- Duo Ø 30 x 140 mm
  • Electrical height adjustment vertically in the stand, [thus no correction of the depth adjustment    when the spindle is swivelled] approx. 190 mm in rapid traverse and creep mode, display at 0.1 mm exactly
  • Electrical swiveling adjustment from -45.5° to +95.5° in rapid traverse and creep mode, LED display at 0.1°
  • Electrical milling depth feed (stopper remains firmly on the machine table, the adjustment is affected via the milling spindle) in the rapid traverse and creep mode display at 0.1 mm exactly, as well as no correction of the feed motion necessary

Continuous rotational speed regulation from 1,500 to 12,000 rpm via a direct drive 

  • Rotational speed selection by tapping the 10 recorded rotational speeds or variable entry via the keyboard – no belt change 
  • Pushbutton switch for automatic start and stop of the spindle 
  • Double-sided swivel unit storage in a strong trunnion bearing, with automatic clamping of the swivel angle
  • Double-sided linear storage for depth of cut and cutting height adjustment

Milling stopper V17 

  • Fixed on the machine table, feeding jaw adjustment via a digital counter to 0.1 mm exactly,  adjustable from the control side; cast iron stopper jaws of 500/500 mm each
  • Operating hours meter with order hours meter. Machine socket for the feeding device, control button in the control panel
  • Electric spindle lock, machine maintenance arm , HOFMANN milling protection “Centrex” 
  • 3 suction nozzles 120 mm Ø on the stopper and below the table.
  • Right operation via two-hand operation with a warning display
  • Weight: approx. 1400 kg

CNC controls 

  • 10.4“touch screen TFT LCD VGA, 16 bit colour depth, 256 colours,”
  • Clearly structured operator interface. · Structure of the operation fields and the icons are the same in all masks.
    · Symbols are text-supported ·- the navigation bar is permanent, thus, switching between the masks and intermediate steps are unnecessary (like, for example, “Home Page) · simple, self-explanatory user guidance  via a (colour-supported) reference and information line.
  • Masks: Manual, program and tool program with 99999 program positions (thus, optimum organisation) The milling height axis and spindle rotation are recorded.
  • Copy function for program position
  • Image presentation of the workpiece
  • Tool place with 99999 tool positions (thus, optimum organisation with high efficiency. System-open data structure, user-compliant data entry for all tools). All data of the used tool is recorded    and measuring points can be recorded which indicate which positions were measured

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Continuous rotational speed regulation from 1,500 to 12,000 rpm via a direct drive 


Table slider with automatic depth adjustment; table slider adjustment is possible on any tool

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