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Italpresse Two-Roller Glue Spreader Glue Aplication Machine


Italpresses offers a complete range of glue spreaders, of the roller, comb or rain type.


The horizontal glue spreaders with rollers are available in the versions with 1, 2 or 4 rollers with operating widths which may vary between 300 mm and 2,200 mm. They are mainly used for bonding panels, laminate flooring and doors.


The vertical glue spreaders with rollers, combs or spray are mainly used for bonding wood strips or laminate.

The rain type glue spreaders (which often use polyurethane glues) are used for bonding sandwich panels or solid wood panels.

Our glue spreaders can be supplied individually, integrated into a pressing line or as a bonding island with a lifting table and pushing device and output discs or roller table.


Maximum working thickness mm. 70

Feeding speed mtpm 20

Nr. 2 spreading roller diam. mm. 185

Motorgear power Kw. 0,37

Nr. 2 glue dosing blades with micrometric adjustment

Safety screens with electric interlock



Mod. 'R 3/80' - Useful width mm. 800

Mod. 'R 3/130' - Useful width mm. 1300

Mod. 'R 3/160' - Useful width mm. 1600

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