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KILLINGER Woodturning Lathe KM 1450 SE

Killinger Woodturning Lathe KM 1450 SE

Standard accessories

4-prong mandrel MT 2/D=25 mm

live centre MT 2/60°

tool rest bottom part cast iron

tool rest upper part 350 mm

(shank D=30 mm)


weight 110 kg / with legs 180 kg

lenght of lathe bed 1.150 mm

total length 1.450 mm

width appr. 600 mm

subject to change without notice

REHNEN Junior R1 Edge Sander

Rehnen Junior R1 Edge Sander - Edge Sander manufactured for enhanced user-friendliness.   Small, flexible all-rounder, can be swiveled 90 - 180 ° and a band height of 150mm.  Solid gray cast iron unit - long-lasting good grinding results
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REHNEN PSM-1 Edge Brush Sander

The PSM-1 brush sanding machine can be used in many areas of wood surface processing. The great strength of the brush grinding machine lies above all in the grinding of molded parts
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REHNEN R1 Edge Sander / Grinding

The RI is full of sophistication and would one of the top machines for edge sanding.  It has been designed for high end grinding and sanding work.
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