Kleiberit PUR Edgebander Glue

Kleiberit PUR Edgebander Glue 707.9 2kg

Application: PUR Edgebander Glue

Pack Size: 6 x 2kg slugs in a box

Application Details:

This is a PUR Glue used for edge banders. Works at lower temperatures.

The purpose of this glue is for edging solid wood lipping. The thickness of the doors can be anywhere from 30mm to 65mm. The thickness of the edging is vary from 4mm upwards. This is used mainly for fire doors. When supplying this glue, the machine must be equipped with a premelter as part of the machine.


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707.9 PUR Glue is for edging solid wood lipping

Thickness of the doors can be from 30mm to 65mm.

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