Leadermac Smartmac Moulder

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Leadermac Smartmac Moulder

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Leadermac Smartmac Moulder

It’s a Powerful, Precise, Efficient and Economical Unit in One Small Package.

Faster feed speeds of up to 24 meters a minute are standard.
Adjustment of each spindle can be easily performed using the front adjustment level.
The full safety enclosure serves as a chip guard and helps to reduce noise.
Pneumatic pressure of the feed rollers can be easily set to provide an outstanding feeding effect.
Table surface is hard-chrome plated for maximum wear resistance.
One-piece, cast iron machine frame is specially heat treated for maximum stability and rigidity by standard configuration.
All lubrication points located at front of machine.
Central lubrication system.
Increased horsepower available. (optional)
Programmable controller for convenient thickness of cut settings. (optional)

Side Pressure Wheels for Third Spindle
Provides positive feed effect for short and narrow stock.

Universal Spindle
The universal spindle can be operated horizontally, vertically or at any angle in between. Powered universal spindle horizontal elevation provides quick set-ups.


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