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OMGA T 2010 NC Up Cut Saw

Last Generation automatic programmable cut-off saw for optimized cutting of wood stock and defect removal. Particularly suitable for medium production requirements.

The maximum feed speed of 400 FPM makes of the T 2010 NC a compact, flexible and highly productive system.

The set of 5 top pressure rollers are able to compensate for some dimensional variations of the stock ensuring an accurate positioning.

The machine is equipped with a PC computer capable of performing eleven work cycle programs.

The numerical control is able to store cutting lists with lengths divided in several different grades and the relevant quantity of parts.

Cutting lists can be input direct for the NC keypad ,via a 3 1/2″ diskette, with direct serial connection to a remote PC or directly through the network.

The onboard computer with 15″ color monitor provides the following information:

  • Stock in cubic feet, required to produce the number of pieces in each list.
  • Number of pieces produced of each length.
  • Amount of stock in cubic feet divided into: first, second, third grade and waste
  • Cubic feet required to produce remaining parts.
  • Yield as a percentage of the total
  • Print out of all the above data to a parallel printer (optional).

The system can perform simulated cutting to verify the result before processing the wood and allowing the user to decide whether to use the chosen parameters for the required production or change it. The T 2010 NC can cut and handle up to 3 different grades within the same cutting list or 5 grades with optional horizontal camera.


  • Infeed Roller Tables.
  • Width Scanner.
  • Two Sided Grading Stations.
  • 2nd horizontal reading Camera. (for up to 5 grades).
  • Double sided CNC Workpiece Sorter.
  • Conveyor Belt for Off Cuts.
  • Motorized loading system.
  • Sorting systems with kickers.

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