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Ease of operation

The backbone of a joinery workshop is its sawbench. It should be powerful, accurate, reliable and simple and safe to operate. The Sedgwick range of saws is designed with this in mind, and offers outstanding value for money. Their strength is in their construction, precision engineering, and our insistence on using only the best quality components.


The rip fence is aluminium section, allowing for two working positions (ripping and angled ripping) and for movement fore and aft in relation to the sawblade to suit different operations. It is fixed to a heavy duty cast iron mounting bracket for rigidity, and has integral micro adjustment. The assembly runs on a nylon roller, gliding easily across the beds, and is supported by a 40mm diameter solid steel bar for rigidity.

The cast iron table incorporates ¾” TEE slots either side of the saw blade, and the machine comes complete with a 6” Protractor Scale. Also included is a fabricated steel Cross Cut Table designed for cutting mitres and compound angles, end trimming, squaring, dividing and trimming. The table is supported on the RHS by precision ground, case hardened bearing rollers running on a 40mm diameter solid steel bar, and on the LHS by a cast jib. The fence is aluminium section and features a telescopic arm, a flip over stop, and a quadrant scale (90o – 45o).


The large cast iron table mounted on a heavy duty steel cabinet provides maximum timber support and a stable and accurate base for anchoring the spindle, rise and fall, and tilt mechanisms. The spindle is powered by a high efficiency IE2 industrial rated motor via a twin belt drive, and features large diameter saw flanges for blade stability. It runs in ‘sealed for life’ bearings mounted in a cast iron housing, and requires only minimal maintenance.

Rise and fall and tilt mechanisms are square thread screws operated by handwheels at the front and side of the machine. Both are easily accessible.

Safety Features

  • Aluminium Riving Knife Mounted Sawguard with Clear Polycarbonate Hinged Visors
  • Electro-magnetic Braked Motor
  • Thermal overload no volt release protection
  • Lock off emergency stop Button
  • Lock off emergency foot switch
  • Lockable isolator

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