These compression spiral cutters are great for mass production of nesting machining laminate materials. They are universal cutters designed for machining hard and abrasive materials .The cutter are covered in a blue coating which prevents high heat and oxidation . The micro-thin ceramic coating enables the tool's cutting edge to retain crucial sharpness and lubricity which preserve the  tool high performance.

Technical Spec

  • Special compression spiral
  • Asymmetrical segments
  • Protective Xtreme blue coating
  • Silent Turbo-3 cutter



Excellent for processing MDF, chipboard, plywood, and plastic materials.

Versatile , Low noise and Low cutting resistance

Produces perfectly clean and smooth edged finish.

Xtreme blue coating provides longevity and high quality cuts.

REHNEN Junior R1 Edge Sander

Rehnen Junior R1 Edge Sander - Edge Sander manufactured for enhanced user-friendliness.   Small, flexible all-rounder, can be swiveled 90 - 180 ° and a band height of 150mm.  Solid gray cast iron unit - long-lasting good grinding results
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REHNEN PSM-1 Edge Brush Sander

The PSM-1 brush sanding machine can be used in many areas of wood surface processing. The great strength of the brush grinding machine lies above all in the grinding of molded parts
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REHNEN R1 Edge Sander / Grinding

The RI is full of sophistication and would one of the top machines for edge sanding.  It has been designed for high end grinding and sanding work.
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